The day are passing by
Time seemed rapidly fly
I watched our love die
You hurt me like hell
And the pain is still with me
You are not very easy to forget
Healing process need more time
Now, all I can do is regret
Regret, the time that I invested in you
I’m not pretending that I’m fine
You never know how much true love hurts
Ended up with cries
Ended up with hurt
Was my love not enough for you?
I desperate to say that I love you
The sound of my heart, echoes in my heart
The sound that only my deepest soul knows
And I’m so empty, broken
And I’m just numb…..

Love in The Digital Age

online friends

The worlds is changing, when I grew up there was no internet, no smart phones and computer were hardly portable. But now….. We can connect to the internet through our smart phone and computer. And to be honest I met a man online who lived on the other country – far miles away from my placed. We met in chat rooms (Lycos Chat room) in February 2012 – first of all I didn’t find or even look for date/man/someone special. I only looked for someone to talk and take an advance in conversation in English language. I’m from Indonesia and English is my second language and he is from the UK and work in Europe.
It wasn’t love at the fist time but the attraction our conversation and I was technologically impressed with his knowledge. I learn so much from him about technology and blogging. We talked all of the time – through every way we could get in our hands on: YM, Skype, text messages, e-mail. I remembered our first video call – a lot of pauses and pretty awkward and I was very nervous! We shared a lot of things – song, games (online game that we played together), hobbies, book and we support each other even over the distance. We keep something so we always feel connected even he has a busy life – we always try and try to connect – emotionally connected. We even had a song – “Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh.”
And I can’t believe is been more than 2 years we build our connection through the digital age. This is love? Well, I don’t know. It’s always complicated about the feeling! We let each other in and so much of everything inside us came out. We both knew that we were becoming more than friends. We talk every day still and I just wait for the right time for him to come to Indonesia (later this year). And I know I must wait until his business done.
Waiting it to happen now! Thank you for being a part of my journey ;)

Music Through The Ears

Music has been a part of our live. We listen to music every day. And lately I have been listening to more and more and sometimes with listening to the right song at the right time can make a difference and bolster the spirits. The music tends to reel me back into reality . Music tends to get me through everything I go through in life, it’s a way for me to cope through everything that is good and bad. It is awesome and great to soothe my mood with the music through the ears.
Nowadays almost everyone will spend a huge portion of time working with their headphones on. Spending too long listening to loud music can cause permanent damage to the ears, but with music to the ears without disturbing anyone is a good thing ;). Sometimes I heard the music I like over and over again. And the piece of music can remind us of a particularly happy time or bad time in our past. Music can awaken my heart, the rhythm connects to my heart and can lead me to the place I want to go…..
I’ve been listening too much music, but I know what I like and what I don’t…. Everyone likes music and it’s awesome :)