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Sleeping Pills


How difficult for me to fall asleep and tossing and turning in bed and not being able to wake up fresh. I really need a good sleep – but the question is: “to sleep or not to sleep?” I need more than an hour to fall asleep. It’s really sleep disorder.
My mind tends to race, prevent me from falling asleep. It’s feeling like the event of the day – the event of my life revisits me. Maybe I’m thinking too much about my life and become worried about it. Problem on parade running in my mind.
Yeah suffering from a sleep disorder can be very difficult. I started taking sleeping pills to help me get a normal night of sleep. I know we used sleeping pills on nights when were absolutely cannot sleep. Every night become too emotional and I started to cry a bit because I can’t close my eyes. It’s been a week I used that and it’s really working!!
I know sleeping pill can lead to some very serious consequences and I thought it’s time to stop using that pills. Oh, I wish being natural remedies is so easy….. To sleep or not to sleep?



In Memoriam

At the end of the day, your soul takes flight
Those lovely smile was gone now
One minute you were here and now you are gone
My eyes filled up with tears as I heard the news
It was a hard time not only for me, but for all of us
We will always remember your lovely smile
Our love will always stay, imprinted in our heart
Please rest in peace my friend
Until we meet again in heaven

(In Memoriam of our loving friend Helen Woskan – April 9th,  2014)


I’m Tired

My heart start to tired
Waiting and hoping you’ll reply
Waiting and hoping you’ll come
Waiting seems like all I do
If you care to me, you will reply and come
No matter what you said it’s not a good exception!
Because your answer only sorry….
I’ve been waiting something empty
I’m so tired of it
I giving up, I can’t stay any longer
I’m not something to be used when you want something from me
You treat me like somebody that you used to know
I’m human with feeling!
Let we forgetting each other

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Hell Yeah!!!

I haven’t blogged much lately. I’ve been quite busy with work, the healthy and a lot has been going on in my life, and certain things have fallen by the wayside.
Sometimes the burden of jobs feel end up in my shoulder. Every year there will be changes in leadership and either the rules. That I really can’t talk about it on a public forum.
Today I saw:

  • The leaders who had trouble with the concept of catching other doing things right
  • The leaders who always used their power to meet their objective’s
  • The leaders who can’t control what they said. They need to know when and how to talk to a person in any situation and use well chosen words that build up and encourage others.

Actually, some people (leaders) completely fail to empathy. I really hope I am never like that.

Hell yeah………


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