Love in Vain


Sometimes it happens
I looked at you, but you didn’t see
I called your name, but you didn’t hear
I tried again but still not getting the respond from you
I offered all I had, but you didn’t accept
Your face makes me weak
My heart is empty, my heart is so sore
I tried to give my true love
Unconditional love, but you didn’t see it
You numbly and didn’t see it
Selfish thought ran across my mind
My tears flow now
I crawl up in the corner and hide
I wish you could see my sadness
I wish you can take away my vain
But time passes by and now I realize there’s no love from you
The sweet love replaced with emptiness
Now my foolish heart awakes
Pained with the reality that your love was empty
And you left me without words only a vain!

Mass Effect – Music Effect

There is a huge difference in the quality of music versus the music of today. There are some tracks that so beautiful and makes me wish I can play this kind of music….. I have listened to this one over and over, I can feel the emotion and I must admit it that this music is pretty awesome  and has such energy that it touches the darkest of my soul!

The music was from a game – Mass Effect 3. I don’t play this game, but honestly I enjoy the music. The Mass Effect was a good game for every gamer – a lot of work goes into this games: music, character and the story development. And the craziest effect of playing this kind of games is you can give a lot of your life/time only for playing this game.

Gaming is an addiction and the music are part of it ;).

My Struggle!!

the struggle

There’s a time in my life that I make so many mistakes, many wrong decisions and of course the long journey of struggle. The days seem to go from one crisis to another and this is stressful and demoralizing. Everything seems to be falling in around me, the doors seem to be closing for me, sometimes everything completely hopeless – but I’m still here living the life I have. So when I looked back and I saw a long journey of things that I called struggle….. I know I would never make this far if it’s not because of Jesus. He always carried me.
One of my good friends always support me with this Quotes: “Do not pray for live to be easier, but pray to be a stronger person!
Those quotes is good to be true. There’s a price to pay for every privilege. Life will not always be fun and not easy. We cannot go from dating to marriage without struggle. We cannot go from our old ways to reborn Christian without struggle.
I always enjoy the season that I am in. The season of my life with the struggle, tried to enjoy the journey. When I worry – I cannot enjoy the life. The lesson I always tried to do is allow God to take care of me. Trust in him and believe in him for all things. I thank to God because he always with me. No others has love like You God! Because I’m not alone in my struggle……

(picture sources from Pinterest)

Easter Day

Easter Chocolate

Easter was already here, can’t believe that now is April and the time out so fast. Makes me wonder where the heck the time went?

And today is Easter day, what is the true meaning of Easter? Easter has significant religious meaning for me – It’s the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Whether you believe in God or not, The Easter story does provide an interesting historical insight into what life was like some 2000 years ago.

Think about Easter my mind fill with chocolate, egg hunts, bunny and candy :). But whatever it’s the most important is: Jesus is risen from the dead and He Lives!!

Now…… biting into chocolate will be a great until I want to explode because of chocolate ;).

Happy Easter everyone