Observing Peoples

I haven’t blogged and logged into my WordPress much lately, a lot has been going on with my life and certain things have fallen by the wayside. But overall everything doing fine and I had a happy life. A few days ago, I spent some time looking through my blog.  Mostly the post I shared about is my random thought and my daily life. I’m not entirely sure of the reason why I’ve not blogged in a while, I guess partially down because of laziness in writing and my mind cannot come up with the new idea! So many reasons why people write, people like to share experiences, share the ideas, stories, articles, poetry, and many more.  But for me, blogging is my expedition about openness.

Lately, I spent a lot of time thinking about life, among doing things for myself and analyzing everything going on. Life is not easy – life is tough! Everyone looked at us – looked at me differently, sometimes makes us become difficult to trust people and felt everyone is against us.  Different people with different characteristics, different style with different cultures, all with their own stories and point of view.  How diverse we really are.

I like to stop for minutes and saw an amazing thing, each of us can give some contribution and worthwhile in life to another. Sometimes I look to the people in a crowded place – observing peoples, makes me think to play some numbers in my head, is like a statistic in my head – estimate how many of those people have given to charity, how many are cheaters, how many are a good person, how many are murderers! Well said this is a cruel world.

As I’m writing this blog, I’m sitting in the middle of coffee shop – enjoying my coffee and watching people in the crowded place.  Yeah, I like to watch people around me and observe people.  Sometimes it’s worth to have an easy day (not rushing) on the daily life.  Watching people around and see the beauty, the sights, and the people – it’s pretty impressive!


Christmas Is In The Air

christmas shopping

Can’t believe Christmas is here! Christmas is in the air, it’s only 5 days to go. December is a season to be jolly and definitely is a holiday season. But for some reason, I still have many works to be finished before the end of the year. Sometimes I don’t too much like Christmas time because it will exhausting activities that consume much of my time and energy (hmmm and I can’t let myself fighting at the mall who offer a big of discount). With long shopping list to buy but I don’t have much time for shopping. And I’m stressful enough with the huge crowds in the mall and the overcrowded car parks.
Christmas is about giving and sharing for each other and the problem is I got stuck for what I should buy. Though of these activities are good and important but makes my attention be drawn away from the true meaning of Christmas. I loved being able to purchase gifts for my family /coworkers and things I wanted for myself. But I need to be more careful with the budget and without depleting my saving!
Christmas become more commercial lately, and people lost the true meaning of Christmas. I’m not saying about religion here… but I only try to speak my opinion. People can come to any conclusion and how the way they celebrate the Christmas. I appreciate how the people celebrate and engage in giving and sharing, but my favorite part of Christmas are spending time with my big family – with people I care about and obviously we going to the Christmas church service together.
Well…. Merry Christmas to all of you, wishing you a good time and Happy Holiday



Having relationship is not easy, it can be a thorn in both side if we can’t cope in a relationship.  So much insecurity.  my boyfriend is currently going through the stage of jealousy.  He gets jealous and insecure about things he thinks and keep thinking that I will leave him for another guy.  I try hard to encourage him to keep the faith and believe and trust me. Trust that I will never leave him.  We’re in long distance relationship with busy work schedule and sometimes need to travel for a long time.  But I do fine with this conditions and do my best to keep this relationship last forever.

The jealousy starts with small things like a text from other guys that I never told him who he is before.  He told me to delete all the male contacts that didn’t have a connection with work, include my long term friend and my online friend.  Sometimes he treats me like a child/teenage girl.  So I decided to blocked and unfriend all the contact that doesn’t have a work connection with me.  Why I’m doing this?  If we really love someone, we’re willing to do whatever we can to make the loved one happy.

Why can men be controlling the women? Controlling men are often described as jealous, possessive, domineering, etc.  And the women side could feel emotionally upset and compromised on one side.  This question always running on my mind.  But as the one who try to appreciate and value the relationship – I always value who they are, as long as they appreciated my right as women.  I will not try to cheat with other.  As I know he had a very bad past when his ex-wife was cheated behind him.  I try to understand his past and dealing with it.  And try to cope this relationship as long as I can.  we’re getting older and can’t be like this anymore… just try to be a mature person.  So  finger cross for this….

Me Time


It’s a day when I came home from work, there was a time when I coming back to an empty house. For me the empty house would fill me with some pleasure.  It’s like some luxurious in the extra and happily breathe in the peace & quiet when you had a hard day (especially the load of works and facing traffic jam everyday). Just alone, nobody at house who communicating with me!!

So, finding myself alone at home, what should I do? I love being by myself. I grew up in an empty house and I like my own company. I turn off my mobile phone. No rings, no beeps and no calls, no email, no text, no notifications. A silent phone and nobody I care to call – just me by myself! I turn my CD – choose my playlist and I grab one book. Two hour later, I realize it’s dark and I put the book down, must be dinner time… I’m starving!

In the lonely hours like that – I don’t feel sorry for myself. It’s a huge difference about being alone and being lonely. I’m busy too and like to socialize; I have friends and long term lover. I really not alone, but I need some space and I like my lonely time.  Life can be really simple.  Some people choose to make life more complex. For me is more important to appreciate what we have in the moment – counting the blessing because our life can change in the second!

Being alone can be some advantage and now is time for enjoy me time……

“Sometime is good to be alone, but it is rarely good to be lonely” (unknown quotes)